In the UK that doesn’t work.


In the UK that doesn’t work. A client cannot accept the responsibility for a civil offence carried out my you. So at best, you could have a document that said, we accept full responsibility for arranging the necessary releases for you to edit the material – go ahead and do it. If the copyright owner then complains and is really put out, then they take you to court. Your permission is mitigation, but you still did it.

Me? I accept the document at face value and do the job. Take the money and if all hell breaks loose, then accept the consequences. I edited some material provided to my client by the BBC. The material was source stuff, unedited, supplied on a DVD with their branding and logo. I decided that clearly they had provided the material to the client in a form that required editing, and this was what the client asked me to do. I was prepared for trouble that didn’t come, but it could have? One of the risks of being in business.

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