In the opinions of many, i

AvatarGrinner Hester

In the opinions of many, including myself quite often, no. That said, of course their are. I use to own Aura (discontinued) and I loved it’s stroke recorder. Everything else I still went to AE for. More and more folks today are into Motion as it’s budled with Final Cut Studio. Mighty capable app… and less than AE if you look at the bundle. It’s fair to mention flame in today’s comparisons with AE. Use to be apples to oranges, hence the seven figure price difference but today a capable artist can do anything with after effects that a flame artist can on their best day. Bold ass statement but the dang truth. Then look at al the 3D apps used qite 2Desqe today. Sometimes the user just wants to import some images and move the camera arund ya know? And lets not forget the users out there that push their favorite NLEs far beyond just editing, making them effects boxes all their own. I guess what I’m saying is yeah, man, there are many effects solutions out there. Each shine in different areas. Bottom line is it will, at the very least, increase your marketability to master after effects.

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