>>In the Actions Pal


>>In the Actions Palate in Photoshop, there is a folder labled “Video Actions.” The first action in that folder should be called “Alpha Channel from Visable Layers.” Apply that action.<<

The Video actions may not be loaded so you might have to load them by going to the options menu for the Actions palette and choosing Load Actions from the menu. The Video actions are located in the presets folder inside the Photoshop folder on your hard drive.

>>Then save your graphic as a tiff. Make sure you DONT check the “savetransparency” checkbox in the dialogue box. This will confuse photoshop.<<

No it won’t confuse photoshop. But it might confuse the editing program you are bringing the file into as a lot of them do not support native TIFF transparancy.

>>Then you should have a file with a perfect alpha channel. At least, this is what I do with FCP.<<

Except that as Grinner said AVID uses the reverse Alpha channel of every other video editing program around. One of the actions in the video set should say Make Alpha Channel form Visible layers (inverted). That should work for AVID.

While I believe TIFF, PSD, and PNG will all work in most editing applications. From my experience TIFF is the standard image format for most graphic uses in Video and Print.

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