In reply. There are severa


In reply. There are several formats that allow 50fps. I cannot find one with 48fps. What results did you get with the higher speeds? Still ghosting?

When you say you do not know what the Progressive setting does, do you mean that you _are_ using interlaced (Upper Field First, or Lower Field First) and you are getting ghosting anyway? I think not, because your Youtube post was without (what I think of as) interlacing lines. So I think your render is progressive.

Try all the same settings and codecs, but using Interlaced in the Field Order entry field (some renders do not have it. Try Main Concepts Mpeg-2, HDV 720-25p, frame rate 24fps, then set the Field Order to Upper Frame First for starters). I would be interested to hear what happens.

BTW. One minute renders are far too long when you are trying so many takes, IMO. You can see the problem in under 10 seconds of video and it saves a heap of render time. Even a couple of seconds often does for me and I usually work around 4-5.


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