In ppt presentations – I m


In ppt presentations – I mean the actual ppt show, the text scales automatically so it is never pixelated. When shown live, If a ppt show has pixelated text it is related to the projector settings (as long as you have set resolution as high in the slideshow tab)

You may also want to try to change the slide dimension in page setup of the design tab. Chose 16×9 from the drop down – sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t!

When you save ppt slides as jpegs they come out as 960×720 so your project should be created in that range – that’s good, you can make a 720p project with that and a little blackmatte back drop. If you are saving as video (wmv) you have the choice to make it smaller than that.

So, if I were to make a guess at why you are getting pixelated text I would guess:

a) that you are working in a (16×9) 1080 size project and…

b) there is some funky setting to expand the (4×3) image to fill the screen (maybe Birdcat can say – I don’t use SONY products)


c) you haven’t try to render yet a sample yet and everything is fine and you don’t know it

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