In order to get a good in


In order to get a good in ground focus background out of focus, sometimes refered to as bokeh, you must have a Large Image sensor that produces a shallow depth of field.


In other words you need any camera with an APS-C sized image sensor. For example the NEX VG 20 has 16 megapixel sensor that is 23.5mm wide by 15.6mm tall. Film captures a frame the size of 35mm x 24mm, this is basically a measurement of the total area in which the light coming into the lens is captured, in film the little sockets that the images are captured in are 35mm x 24mm, this means more light is being captured, thus more resolution and detail is being captured


Film has always been the standard of image quality till the last 2 years, it takes in more light, creates greater resulotion, greater ability to see contrast and detail in shadow and light


now image sensors which are electronic have reached the size of film while maintain quality performance, allowing digital cameras to capture the same or close amount of light in the raw file data generated by the camera, meaning similiar detail, similiar color accuracy, similiar resolution. digital cameras way outperform film in that capacity to shoot in low light because of their ability to increase their own sensitivity to light greatly and then amplify the light that comes in in the raw file.


the red camera that hollywood uses is a digital camera that is completely equal to the best film cameras and many cases better, it has what is known as a Full Frame sensor, where the image sensor size is literally 35mm x 24mm,


pared with a good lens, cause another huge componet of image quality is the lens your looking through, produces amazing images, thus the red camera is used to shoot major movies all the time, but it costs 50k dollars


there are some cameras available at affordable prices that produe amazing results


DSLR Cameras: orginally made to take photos, companies put large sensors in them that worked in single shot or 10fps type senarios taking amzing high res pictures with large megapixel data digitally, eventually the image sensors where good enough to take high definition video on the large sensors, at this point users found that the video produced was high quality almost film like quality on a camera that they purchased for $1000


At this point DSLRs became popular in the video world producing awesome quality video, great bokeh, and having the ability to change the lens for different circumstances, all for 1000$



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