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In my Video StoryTellers! program I’ve tried a number of ways to get the kind of good, clean, clear and crisp audio I wanted for my storytellers. After using shotguns (cheap & expensive) and a variety of other systems, including wired handheld (which, by the way works extremely well in busy outdoor interview sessions) and wired/wireless lavalieres, my Zoom H2 recorders and even a minidisc recorder with a wired lavaliere feeding to it.

I now, almost exclusively use this setup: A Sony wireless system UWP-V6 direct to camcorder (currently continue to shoot with a GL2 and use manual audio adjustment) and a pair of Zoom H2 units in close proximity.

My primary audio is the Sony wireless. And I have to say that most of my interviews and Video StoryTellers! sessions are single person sessions. When there ARE two and both have something to say without interacting with each other, I’ll mic one, get the story, with the second person nodding, smiling, reacting, etc., then mic the second person with the first one doing the same.

I’ve tried boundary or piezo mics but too much weird noise pickup … clicking pens, rapping knuckles or nails, etc. and the sound simply isn’t the nice clear audio I desire.

The H2 system is great but it still allows a bit of room ambience and air into the recording, and occasionally picks up unwanted audio. Still, when I take this into my Soundtrack Pro software (I’m Mac based) it cleans up rather well, but is a second step I don’t always want to take time with. They are GREAT backups for all interview work, however.

I’ve run a RadioShack wired lavaliere mic to the H2 systems with some great results, so that will get you about the same quality as the wireless Sony system I mentioned (about $900, $750 if you find a sale somewhere) only just a bit more brighter than I care for.

If you have multiple interviewees or speakers and have four H2 systems like me, you can hook up each using the $39 (or so) RS wired lavalieres with each feeding into its own H2. Depending on the complexity of your project(s) or the desired end results, this is a great way to isolate, then mix down in post to get what you want.

Hope this helps, Earl

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