In my spare time, I moonli


In my spare time, I moonlight as a standup comedian and a member of a comedy improv troupe, and I’d rather work on 10 documentaries (or any other genre films) than 1 comedy, although I do plan on shooting a full-length comedy one day. The problem with comedy is that there’s just so much potential for failure. Heck, half the time when I watch my own jokes after the fact I don’t even find them all that funny. (It’s a good thing most comedy clubs serve alcohol).

As far as documentaries go, I’m working on one right now, and it should be pretty impressive when it’s finished. I’m still in the preproduction stage, but I’m taking pointers from folks who’ve been around the block a time or two. I’m not saying it’ll be a Ken Burns masterpiece, but it should be pretty good.

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