In my setup I use a firewi


In my setup I use a firewire connection to the recording PC and I have a lot of problems with dropouts.

Yeah, bingo. That’s common with laptops using a Firewire interface device, per my earlier comments. That’s why I bought the Zoom H4, which is a stand-alone portable device capable of superb audio recordings. I have all but abandoned the idea of using a Firewire based interface in real time with my laptop. It’s a joke. With the H4, I will either use the card reader or USB to transfer the recording to my laptop HDD for synchronization with the video and post production editing.

As far as time drift, for the most part I am recording clips that are about 4-5 minutes long, start to finish. I would be surprised if there were any preceivable drift over such a relatively short duration, but I suppose it could happen.

Waveform matching is what my studio-engineer friend told me to do, so that’s the way I will go. Will Windows movie maker allow me to line-up the audio from the camera and the wav file from the H4 side-by-side using a waveform view? I don’t really want to spend money on additional software if I can avoid it.

Thanks again…

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