In my opion AX-33 is a


In my opion AX-33 is a perfect camera for the amature that make mostly home movies, but which to have some control without spending a lot of money. It can record in 4K which is nice the day when you get a 4K TV, which you probably will in the next two years.
The camera has the BEST stabilation currently found on any low-end video-camera that I’m aware of.
If you plan to film outside in sunlight maybe buy two ND filters (if you know what they are used for). The camera seems to overexpose a little for my taste, so I always set the AE shift -1.
You find lots of reviews on YouTube for this camera. It also can record at 50 fps, so you can make some nice slow motion (only i HD).
You can set many option on manual, and change then with the ring, like focus, zoom, exposure and so on. But only one at a time.

Personaly I think a videocamera is better for making videos than dslr’s, but that is my taste. I think you will easely find people saying the oposite.

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