In my opinion, you can go

Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

In my opinion, you can go ahead and abandon SD in favor of HD for everything.


If I shoot the videos in HD will all students be able to view the the videos on the internet?

Yes. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo will offer low-resolution playback for those with slow connections.


Also, will they be able to view HD regarless if they have cable internet or DSL for their internet? Yes. See above.  


I heard that if people have older technology they can't view in HD. Is that only for TVs? Yes, though if you're burning to DVD, even that isn't a problem. DVD downscales HD video to SD.



Would a person be able to view a YouTube video made in HD on an old non-HD television? If they could somehow hook their computer, tablet, or internet enabled device to a non-HD TV, they should be able to view the video. The device itself should downscale for them.

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