In my opinion a good camera


In my opinion a good camera for indoor or lower light situations needs to be a true 3-CMOS camera. There are plenty out there and prices vary. I use a Sony AX2000 and it suits all my needs.

Reading the reviews on the camera you have one thing I noticed is that the recordings on the LCD look far more contrasty and blown out than the actual video, which means you can't trust it for making exposure or white balance adjustments. The video looks great, especially considering the small lens: surprisingly sharp, with saturated colors, and excellent exposures with relatively few blown-out highlights. The DigicDV 3 processing does a solid job maximizing the dynamic range. Living-room light-level recordings look quite good as well.There's a bit of noise and softness, but that's to be expected.


Jump on CNET and check out the reviews.


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