In my device manager, und


In my device manager, under IDE/ATAPI, there is 2 primary and 1 secondary channels. All are set to DMA. I can’t find this setting on the individual drive device.

The driver was installed and the device appears in the device manager as a SCSI controller.

This is a newly built computer which was specifically designed for video editing, DVD authoring and duplicating. Maybe no one has built such a system before but it must be possible since stand alone DVD duplicators are available on the market. What makes them so different? After all, its still a computer inside. The tower holds 5 optical drives and 5 hard drives. Certainly someone has max’d this tower out before.

If swapping slots, (or even assigning IRQs) doesn’t fix this, I may even try a new PCI card. This 1 is a few years old but barely used. Its an Ultra 133 TX2. I suppose the card could be bad but since this is a new system, its probably just configured wrong.

I deeply appreciate your help in solving this issue.

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