In fact, I just assembled


In fact, I just assembled a two-light set for myself in about 20 minutes for a total cost of about $42.00, including the bulbs.

Mine are a little more involved…I used small, fully-enclosed 2X4" handy boxes. I knocked out holes for the lamp holders and grounded power cords, mounted outdoor lamp holders specifically designed for PAR38 bulbs, installed power cord clamps, installed 3-wire cords and (VERY IMPORTANT) grounded each assembly by attaching the ground wires to the lugs on the lamp holders.

I mounted 5/8" brass mounting studs on the bottoms of the handy boxes and placed the lights on a couple medium-duty light stands with swivels. (This was stuff left over from my still photography days.)

Now I have two fully adjustable lights that can be raised to a height of 9 feet each. The best part is that the light my units put out is just as good, just as bright and the same color temperature as the $500-1000 kits sold in the pro stores.

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