In Europe there’s a big mo


In Europe there’s a big movement to try to get the LED manufacturers to move to using specs that actually mean something. CRI doesn’t really say much about how an LED relates to tungsten, or even flu. It can mean your white or grey board looks white or grey, but after shooting you discover some colours just didn’t look the same. The problem comes from the cameras splitting off the R,G and B portions – so the camera isn’t seeing the whole spectrum at one time – so you get maybe odd unexpected effects. A bit like when you record with sodium street lighting – that can turn a red car into a sludge green one. The same thing happens with LED, just not so radical.

I’m a recent convert after being a sceptic on theatre LED sources, but for video, too many unpredictable things happen to colour. Lee Filter now make a range of LED gel, to recreate their popular colours, and the colour of these gels is weird to the naked eye, but when stuck on an LED source produce the old favourites. Do a google to read and see how it works.

I too wanted to replace a 1K Fresnel with an LED version – the Arri – my God they are expensive!

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