In another area of profess


In another area of professional video services, it is widely known that I do an abundance of funeral and memorial montage and projection work. What you said in your last response, Don, second paragraph:

“I’m supplying the equipment. I’m supplying some how-to advice. And a body to set things up and take things down, and supervise the equipment to make sure it’s used properly.”

For THAT ALONE, I charge, and family clients very willingly pay, $350. I get kicked and abused by others in the industry, and yes, called a “scum-sucking bottom feeder” for THAT price! Yet I am essentially providing what you describe in the quote above, and only about a third of what your package provides for a couple hundred more.

Much of my equipment, also, is paid for but there are still costs derived – maintenance, repairs, upkeep, etc.

I KNOW you are doing something that works for you and I applaud your positive outlook on the possibilities. I also know, however, that VERY FEW of us take into consideration every REAL actuality when it comes to factoring in costs for doing service. If we did, literally, we’d all probably become suicidal and wonder how we’ve been deluding ourselves for so long πŸ˜‰

Thanks for your response, though. I did notice, however, that you chose not to disclose what you actually MAKE from a gig of this nature, based on your perceived actual costs. I only hope it is worth the six-to-eight hours or so involved, along with the help and equipment use. Sadly, you’re still not going to hurt your “scam artists” as much as you might be hurting yourself by even trying. It’d be better to start a special unit that conducts raids to take away their cameras πŸ˜‰

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