In all honesty, Tom, consi


In all honesty, Tom, considering 13-year-old technology and age/use of the unit; current prices for the latest technology; the inherent weaknesses and lack of dependability of VHF systems in general, your system represented NO value for any video producer in today’s business or hobby community.

I realize that we all have equipment that represents “value of sorts” to us personally for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is how much we spent on these tools when they were purchased. But we also have to be realistic when it comes to not only pricing but even offering certain technology. I have a Panasonic AG-3 and AG-460 that cost me a bundle back in the day and I cannot get a plugged nickel for either today; also a dual set of excellent (built-like-tanks) Azden wireless that have been demoted due to the FCC restrictions on specific frequencies upon which these were built. They’re not upgradable. A LOT of money, to me, invested that I cannot recoup. Perhaps someday I can donate them to a museum πŸ˜‰

Just saying that sometimes one person’s trash (or, in this case used equipment) is also another person’s trash. I’m able to repurpose the two Panasonic cameras for other uses, but for the amount I could get for them (likely zero) I do better keeping them for overhead feed and direct-to-harddrive feed units. It would be nice if we all could get back a buck or two, but mostly we have to either throw it away, donate it/give it away, or put it in a box and forget about it.

You will likely not receive ANY monetary offers for your system. Sorry.

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