In agreement with “compuso


In agreement with “compusolver” and “drifter”. It still takes a good while of trial and error, not to mention hours of study to edit properly. I must admit, your school video was a great step. I used to record High School Band Concerts for Audio Cassettes, then CDs. Once you’ve recorded them for this year, you’re done until the next one and the new eventually wears off in the booster club. Not trying to burst your bubble, but that won’t make it as a business in the long run. You will be looking for bigger and better paying projects before too long.
Pinnacle Studio is a great piece of software but for professionalism, it won’t hold a candle to Adobe products. If you ever plan to edit for commercial purposes, you’ll need hours of reading and tutorials. Those names you see in the credits at the end of a tv production or a movie, that have ACE behind them didn’t get there by doing videos of school programs alone. Not being testy. But I have put two boys through college with degrees in Video Production. One of them has passed the ACE exam in both Premiere Pro and Photoshop. I’m working on the study course for Premiere myself.

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