In addition to some of the


In addition to some of the above, I have 2 more, both free, music sites I use frequently.  One is military bands.  example

Most every major military base has a music section, and these are not just marching songs.  Most bases have an orchestra, jazz band, and often string quartet and more.  Many post mp3's, just don't expect popular songs.  They are very careful to post songs in the public domain.  I have over 100 tracks from different bands.  The Air Force Academy is great.

Another site I use is  Don't mistake with .com.  At the .org site you can specifify audio, then put in your subject.  I've used this for aviation videos and got some great ones.  Almost all specify the license and many are public domain, being older cylinder or 78 recordings.  If you're doing anything related to history, this is a great site.  Can specify a search by genre, topic, artist, or decade.

Remember, these are free, whether for personal or commercial use.

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