In addition, and maybe jus


In addition, and maybe just my observations, but there are a LOT more “professional” videographers that aren’t than there are photographers…

Anyone with a big/fancy camera can call themselves a videographer, but there is so much to learn and if you screw up the shot, you screw it up….

With photos, they can take 100 shots of the bride walking down the aisle and only need 10 to make the album…

With us, we need that walk down the aisle, in it’s entirety, nicely framed, no bumps, nothing to kill the moment….

All it takes is one bad professional video guy at a wedding to make people second think about getting it done “professionally”….

or maybe I have just seen a lot of bad “professional” wedding videos….handing out JUST the raw video with source sound is not enough…(unless that’s all they want to pay for)….the magic is in the editing, that’s how you make it a real story


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