In a prior life, when fund


In a prior life, when funds dictated that my photography equipment was not top of the line (think high school – back around 1969-1970 or so) there was a kid who had all the latest Nikon equipment (I shot with an older Canon FX – precursor to the FT). Anyway, he would always brag about how good his equipment was and how much better his results were because of it – Long story short, I developed by eye and general skills without becoming dependent on equipment and as a result, my work was light years ahead of his – I zinged him one day by telling him I could outshoot him with a Brownie (which I could).

Same goes here – While better equipment can help make great footage even better, nothing can make bad footage good. If you can use your camera to the best of “it’s” abilities, you’ll do fine.

What I would suggest is getting some B roll footage – Maybe set up another camera on a tripod and just let it run (like off stage and pointing at the lectern) and even getting someone to help you get alternate angle shots. Then just put it all together in the edit bay (stick to simple cuts and fades, keep glitz to a minimum, just for spice) – Add some nice titles, decent background music and voila, you can have a very professional looking video.

Also, Grinner is way right on the audio – Possibly set up a voice recorder by the lectern to use for your audio portion (just remember you may need to sync the audio up at multiple points).

As for non-linear editors, I am partial to Sony Vegas Pro but just about any NLE will do what you need – including the sub $100 Vegas Movie Studio. You can download free, fully functional 30 day trials of all Sony software here:

Just my $0.02.

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