IMO, there is a pretty sim


IMO, there is a pretty simple answer to this.

It will always boil down to how much money a client is willing to pay?

Hell, you could get John Williams and the Boston Pops orchestra to put a score together if you want but it will cost a few dollars more then say a song from Smartsound’s Romance & Reflections collection.

You have to keep this in mind too. Let’s say a potential client is out there that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend for a videographer. Price will most likely be the major concern here. For instance, if let’s say I quoted $2800.00 with tastefully done royalty free music like you get with a Smartsound product, and you quoted $5000.00 because you have to pay some small group or a guy playing custom made musi, who do you think this customer will lean towards?

Of course you could take less money for yourself to offset the money you need to give to the musical group, but that would hurt after awhile when you look at your bottom line.

Most vieographers would rather do everything themselves.


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