IMHO… Do NOT buy a GL1 f


Do NOT buy a GL1 for ANY price. Borrow only! Even then…

Rent, or even purchase a GL2 and shoot SD. GL2s can be found for around $1,500, even less sometimes, by searching other forums’ for sale boards – here at for starters. I recently posted here somewhere regarding a couple I know personally who were selling off three GL2s for an outstanding value to recoup their investment in HD Canons – XH A1s, I believe. The original ad was on dvprofessionals.

Rent, or purchase a used XL1 (original model) – their prices didn’t/haven’t held up as well as the GL2s, but it remains an awesome camera.

Your HV10/20 isn’t a stinker, though kind of small and low on the production pole. They’ll work, but you will need to learn a number of workarounds regarding light and audio. Check here for good tips and suggestions regarding both. Videomaker is tops when it comes to solid basic production information.

If you stick primarily with cuts only your PC should be useable. (I am NOT at all familiar with PCs but I would think it should at least be able to help you produce something) Your RAM is low, go at least 4 (RAM is relatively cheap) if your unit will accommodate four. You WILL want and need at least that. Be prepared to wait a considerable amount of time for rendering if you use slow motion or dissolves much.

If any camera you purchase gets you producing and those projects are successful then there will be NO net loss – it’s a write off, or throwaway as they say amongst those in the business who claim to know it all πŸ™‚

The rental for a week seems in line with your needs.

GL2 is pretty user friendly and a few hours of practice, testing all the bells and whistles will get you close to ready, if not ready. Also, it is VERY important to try and keep your backgrounds static (no motion, blowing leaves, moving vehicles, belly dancers, etc. πŸ™‚

…and keep the background as uncluttered, busy and no red as possible. If you go to YouTube and search for “practice builders” I think, I hope you will find at least a couple of talking head productions we did using the GL2 for a marketing services client who works with folks in the medical profession. If you cannot find let me know and I will try to better identify the links later.

I do not have personal hands-on knowledge of the VX2100, but I know many in the business who have used them and STILL are reluctant to allow them prized from their cold, dead fingers.

Finally, trust your audio to at least one, two if possible, Zoom H2 standalone digital microphones. They are awesome! you should be able to find them for under $200.

If you plan your episodes well you should be able to shoot a heck of a lot of instructional video footage in a week’s time using a rental camera, but you will definitely want your own equipment ASAP. Maybe an HMC-150 Panasonic or the comparable JVC – both HD and both tapeless to SDHC cards, the wave of the future, but then you’re gonna need to spring for more power in the editing arena.

Hope this helps.

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