imagep, you have a few mis


imagep, you have a few misconceptions about the realities of video production costs and business, as well as what actual costs of goods are. But there’s no need to get into a discussion here regarding your approach VS another’s approach, VS the right or wrong approach. Beyond my observations below, I cannot see the positive side of getting into a debate over the subject.

REAL costs of goods, services, labor or whatever are the sum of all things affecting that cost, not JUST what you went down to the dime store, or warehouse and spent to acquire a bundle of something wrapped in paper. If such things as time, gas, insurance, stamps, pencils, ink, paper, etc. are not taken into account, then the bottom line is not an accurate representation of what is going out VS what come in.

Some might be satisfied with a $25 per hour rate for provision of professional video production services. I and many others in the industry are not, nor should we be.

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