Imagep – you are not, if I


Imagep – you are not, if I am to understand your postings since joining this form a few days ago, an experienced or professional video services provider. Your take on video production and its requirements and cost of doing business was evident in you initial post seeking information that would help you generate the bucks for your band booster group, and take it away from a professional video services provider.

I cannot believe that you see a way to compare the printing business, of which I am a 30-year veteran (newspaper and magazine) and its associated costs and wages with that of video production at any level. You are being unfair in your presumtions regarding the business and IMHO a bit over the top in taking it upon yourself to tutor someone interested in pursuing video production business on the ins and outs of a area outside your experience, knowledge and expertise.

It is fine to debate issues, and you are most welcome (as far as I am concerned) to comment on these forums, but I do retain the right to rebut some of our philosophy and comments, especially your uninformed misstatements.

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