I’m with robgrauert..DSLRs


I’m with robgrauert..DSLRs aren’t really my thing.I don’t undersatnd why so many shooters are willing to trade off all the pro features of aprofessional HDcamcorder for a DSLR. OK, the image is very nice &using different lenses is cool. But by the time you add all the accessories to make it a usable camera, you’ve spent more then a real camcorder, it’s not ergonomic or easy to use & the audio is marginal at best. I’ve used a 5D with all the “erector kit” add ons. What a pain in U know what.It’s a 2 man job & not at all good on the shoulder. I’m not buying the depth of field argument. I don’t needor want it for every shot. Plus, that can be done in post. So….if you’re not attempting to do something cinematic, (and most of us aren’t) please tell me what makes DSLRs so hot?

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The best lights for video production — 2021

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