I’m with Grinner, but have


I’m with Grinner, but have to admit, I don’t charge by the hour for “Render time”. truth is I plan my time so I can hit “render” and go to bed. Last thing I need is to be forced to upgrade computers every year because my competitor can undercut me by one to three hundred dollars, on render times because his computer is faster than mine. simple rates. by the hour for set up take down and shooting. plus same rate by the hour for import and capture times the number of hours of footage time the number of cameras used. An estimate on editing hours in writing, same rate per hour. and one or three hours for the rendering time (estimated). I try to work out an estimate that fits thier budget, and then I try to organize the shoot and edit to come in slightly under budget. Job done.

Never go over budget unless the client starts asking for changes or alterations to the original contract.

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