I’m with Earl. We went thr


I’m with Earl.

We went through this with imovie hd and imovie 8.

The writing is on the wall.

I will admit I’m not as capable an editor as many of the users here are.

Within weeks of imovie ’09 I found myself never needing Imovie hd again.

I use imovie and FCE for my work. I do the rough edit in imovie(easier sorting on import), export an xml file to FCE, do my multicamera edits in fce as well as any keying, and color correcting, edit my audio in audacity then bring a finished project bact to imovie for publishing. Not exactly conveinient, but imovie does do some things really well, and my limited skills in final cut bring it up a notch so it can pass for professional work.

I believe when FCPX is able to do multi cam edits easily it will be a winner.

Nobody wants to learn from scratch, we all get set in our ways. But having taken the time to learn the basics in FCE and Imovie, I truly believe FCPX or imovie pro which ever you prefer, will speed up and simplify my workflow, and increase my productivity.

I await revision one before buying though.

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