I’m using a Sony FX-1 it a


I’m using a Sony FX-1 it also had the 1/8″ mini-jack you are talking about.

I bought a Beachtek Audio(model DXA-4) adapter (http://www.beachtek.com/prod.html) to be able to hook up XLR devices to my camera. I am able to use botha shotgun mic and a wireless mic together if I need or just one device.

Also some wireless mics (like the Sony UWPC1 I use) have the ability or change the cable from a XLR to a 1/8″ mini jack. The with the audio techs at the event your going to record at this is possiable.

Search on line for someone who makes 1/8″ male mini jack to female XLR like this (http://msrpk.com/adapters.htm)

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