I’m using a PC and Sony Ve


I’m using a PC and Sony Vegas Pro 9.0a. I shoot with a Canon HF S10, and am so happy with it that I just bought another one (for multi-camera work). Vegas handles the .MTS files just fine, although all four cores run at about 95%. Playback on the preview monitor is choppy, but that’s just the nature of .MTS.

If I first transcode the .MTS files to .avi using Cineform NeoScene ($99.00 at Videoguys.com), all four cores run at about 57%. Playback is still a little choppy, but not too bad if I leave it on Preview and Draft. Vegas 9.0 was crashing with AVCHD, but Vegas 9.0a seems to render it just fine. Cineform NeoScene vastly improves image quality and colorspace, and ‘relaxes’ the compression significantly, which will really be a major help if you are editing on laptops.

I am very pleased with the transition from tape to tapeless. AVCHD is nowhere near the quality of P2 or SxS cards, but the cost is only a fraction of it, and unless you are burning Hollywood quality Bluray or going for the silver screen, chances are good that other factors (lighting, scripting, audio, etceteras) are going to be a much higher priority. I upload the finished productions to Vimeo and am continually astounded at how good of quality I get for a mere $1299.00 camcorder. It would not cut the mustard for Hollywood, but for Vimeo and online HD it is more than ample.

I have found that the major thing is just to make sure you have a good system for backing up data. Multiple redundancy is the key. In addition tomy Drobo Ipurchased a couple of 1TBSeagate Free Agent external USB hard drives for $129.00 each on Tiger Direct. When I compared storage costs, it is way cheaper to go tapeless, and I don’t ever worry about ‘burning up a $7.00 HDV tape’: I just pick up the camera and shoot.

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