I’m transiting from broadc


I’m transiting from broadcast over to consumer/commercial video production and still use a very heavy duty Vinten carbon fiber tripod and "Vision 10" head. My Z1U looks a little out of place up there, but talk about stability. Still though, you can only be as stable as the floor beneath you. In my ENG days, I would have to shoot on risers from 60 yards away. Everyone knew and understood that when cameras were rolling, you just don’t move. Ever. For any reason.
I would suugest you rope off an area around the camera to eliminate anyone from causing shake to your tripod. Sometimes this works…sometimes not. Another thing is to take the hand towels, fold them to a thickness of about 2 inches and place those underneath each foot of the tripod. That adds some more shock absorbtion and might also help.
Now, lets’ talk about holding a camera steady in a helicopter…. On second thought, maybe we’ll do that another time.

Good Luck-

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