I’m thinking walking before


I'm thinking walking before you start running. Live bands with multiple cameras is very difficult to do properly. The audio recording needs to be done by people experienced in it, and although with the right kit it's easy to do the recording, you'll have lots of hours of work getting the mix for an entire gig sorted. It' a major project. You need to think sync with the cameras – drummers are quite good – so a big drum thump makes sync not really a problem. 


If they have the tracks recorded, it's far easier for them to mime.


Lighting depends on what equipment you have. You need face light – so the usual thing is to have specials on the band members so they are lit, but then have as much colour, movement and effects as you can grab on top.  We do it quite often, but it's really quite complicated and time consuming. Our favourite way of working is to record the live show with three cameras out front – audio going from the direct outs of the desk to a computer via firewire. Then we leave everything set, and come back the next day, and replay the tracks we recorded and they mime, while we do all the clever onstage closeups and arty stuff – with no audience . These cut together very well. 4 songs took about a week to mix and edit.

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