I’m thinking the time is c


I’m thinking the time is coming when Hollywood’s money and starpower are gonna die like everything else.

I have a dream that someday, my friends and family are not going to have to put up with the porn, immorality, violence and bad language Hollywood puts out. Or put up with the bad magazines in the checkout aisles at Walmart. I think Youtube, Vimeo, Google Video and the rest are only going to get better, but there might be something new that comes along.

People really don’t care too much about video and audio quality, especially not as much as we video makers think they shouldor do. Why are the badly made movies on youtube so popular, or the cell phone movie that your friend Joe Green put on his Facebook page?

As I read in a book, Welcome to the 4th screen.

The first screen was cinema/movies. The main thing is the Story. The second screen was TV. The main thing is Character. The 3rd screen was the Computer/Internet. The main thingis Distribution. The 4th screen is the cell phone/handheld palm pilot, etc. The main thing seems to be Personalization. A few years from now, a 5th screen might be on the rise. I don’t know what it is, but we need to be ready. A lot of software seem to be supporting 3GP format which I think is cell phone video. If people can make movies with their cell phones that get a lot of hits on Youtube, Hollywood needs to watch out.

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