“I’m sure you all know how


“I’m sure you all know how painful it is to work on a system with a CPU that is under 2.4GHZ and less than 2GB of RAM.

But the main thing is how much more fun and productive it can be on a good machine.”

I agree Chuck…and Ihope I didn’t encourage people to go out thinking an emachineis the way to go for high end editing…lol. I just wanted to give a little honest optimism until the economy picks up and paychecks start rolling in and people feel comfortable with a new purchase.

But good point…going with a nice setup will definatelylimit grey hairand put a lil morecash in you pants. πŸ™‚

“Before you run out and get a new video card, find out what type of video card slot you have (these things are very specific, no mixing or matching allowed!) I’d hate to see you spend money on the wrong gear.”

yes…my bad, I jumped the gun…I don’t know the modelthis particularemachine so I shouldn’t have stated that so boldly…most Emachs have PCI-E but there are some models like the T2341 that don’t….

in any event…I think Emachineis a great company. They always have current models that are practically identical to other consumer models, and they now only cost around $300-$500…lol. (if there’s a will…there’s a way.)

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