I’m sure it would help but


I’m sure it would help but all music material is different, you can only try it and see. If you have a separate instrumental version of the same, original recording that will certainly be a benefit (an entirely different karaoke recording may just give you further problems). Otherwise you could try duplicating the original track and using a band reject filter (or combined Low and High Pass filters) to remove the vocal, before mixing with your ‘vocal only’ edit.

I fancy that is as good as you are going to get. The only other thing you could attempt is recording the new word youself and doing the best you can to match the vocal delivery and processing – could be very tough but it may just sound more natural than cutting up syllables.

It depends very much on the song but you could even re-record a whole vocal line or chorus and remix it using some extreme processing (distortion, flanger etc.) to cover up the fact that it’s a different voice. You may need to get pretty creative here in order to get a usable result. X-D

Good luck!

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