i’m sure it will be amatue


i’m sure it will be amatuerish, but what is out there is so incredibly lousy that i don’t think i can do a whole lot worse.

keep in mind that my video will typically pop up in a small window after a user clicks on a button. certainly not big cinema. since this is a new thing for me, i need to fumble for days to get where i want. it would be enought to drive anyone crazy, and it wouldn’t be viable for me to use a pro unless i was remaking a video i’d already shot and had a very clear idea of what i want to do.

the learning process is the fun part of this!

let’s say i don’t ever get a product i can sell (impossible, considering how much software i’m writing). what am i out, $1,500, even if i buy a second camera. if i decide to junk this project, i’ll give one camera to my daughter and keep the other. there are worse vices in life :).

i am going to fumble forward, and i’m considering this a hobby. if i break even and learn a lot, i’d be tickled to death.

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