I’m sure I’m going to get


I’m sure I’m going to get hate mail… but…. I’ve worked with REALTORS for about 8 years. My primary business is real estate websites.

Of course this is a generalization…. One thing I can tell you is that REALTORS do not spend money. They will spend money on a fancy car. Maybe even a nice house. Maybe nice clothes.

But (and especially in the recent real estate market), they won’t spend a dime on marketing or advertising. In fact, most don’t even understand the concept of marketing. Get a listing, plug a sign in the front yard, give it to the secretary to enter into the MLS system, and you’ve got 10 offers the next day.

As the market slows, many REALTORS will be joining the ranks of Sears grunts at the mall, no doubt. But even the most successful don’t understand the concept of marketing. They don’t understand you have to spend money to make money.

Unless your video tours are VERY reasonably priced, few will bite. Hell, most of these people take their own [lousy] photographs – and not even with their own camera, but with the 2000 Kodak 1 Megapixel office camera, because they’re too cheap to buy their own, and they don’t understand that good pictures sell homes.

Just like most REALTORS buy these cheap, cookie cutter template websites (they all look alike), because they don’t want to spend the money doing it right.

Beware. It’s an interesting group. 🙂

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