i’m sure i’ll use 3 camera


i’m sure i’ll use 3 cameras and a classroom type setting, instructor at chalkboard. other settings will be nurse with patient, doing a variety of things like starting iv’s, etc.

i don’t know how large an area i’ll need to make this work. i don’t at all have a feel for this as i’m inexperienced with video, though i’m an expert in the content area for the teaching videos i want to produce.

this video, by the way, will be played in training software via windows media player. the bar for quality is not that high, though i’d like to do as good a job as possible. yes, of course it would make sense to go as large as possible. unfortunately, my funds are limited.

if i could get away with starting in a 20 by 26 building with 10 foot ceiling, it would be very affordable. i’m planning on using florescent lighting to help with heat/space issues. most of this will be instructer at chalkboard type production. since i am meandering through this, it is impractical to rent professional studio time. i’d like to have it all set up, i go tape for a few hours, turn the lights off and shut the door, and when i come back next week it’s all exactly as i left it. otherwise, i’ll never get this going.

anyone with experience filming classroom environment? how much space did you need?

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