Im stilll not sure weather


Im stilll not sure weather i should get a DVD, hard-drive, or a Mini-Dv!

I have a High-dif TV,and a PS3 by the way.

so did you say, if we have a miniDV, it lowers the quality?

How do we get the Footage off the camera to the computer? Is it just a USBCable?

Also heres what i found on a diploma in Digital film web site,

“Many cameras today record to DVD or hard disc.

Unfortunately, due to proprietary compression used,

these cameras do not integrate with professional style

software, and are really only useful for home movies. Despite

what salesmen may tell you, these cameras are not suiltable

for this course. You will need a camera that records to miniDV tape and has a Firewire (IEEE1394 or iLink) connection”

But you think the only reason we shouldnt use a DVD or Hard drive camera is, we need a good Computer to run the software?

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