I’m sorry you got the run


I’m sorry you got the run around by Adobe. Previous to PP the old Premiere was limited to the size of the project frame. If you are zooming around the picture, do a little planning for the best picture quality. If you take a very large DSLR picture and size it for video, it will require sharpening. Let’s say you wanted to pan across a picture you might want it to be 200% of the project frame size. If it is a SD project 720 x 540 then you’d size you picture to 1440 x 1080. PS standard setting for unsharp mask will be fine. If you are doing a HD 1080p project then you might not want to size your stills at all. I hope this helps. I don’t pan arround on my stills very often anymore. You might want totry this in After Effects. I hope this helps. Gerry in Calgary.

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