Im sorry I thought you sai


Im sorry I thought you said you had a budget of 10,000 dallars and yes the sony has 1080i but progressive even at 720p is great looking video especially when your shooting through professional glass and the fact that you dont have to worry about the any of the problems 1080i has such as motion artifacting when you pan the camera to fast or the fact that 1080i is not as easy to edit as 720p nor dose it convert to film as easy if you were to ever choose to do that.
GY-HD 100U 4700
$8100 TOTAL
That still leaves you with $1900 for your tripod mic and misc….. items you may need, this assumes you already have a monitor of your own. Now you have a system thats capable of making an awesome documentary! and can also edit easy and be bumped up to film if ever need be with out any problems. The skies the limit with this set up so what I am basically saying is if your budget is in fact 10k you cant do better than this for the money and yes the camera is more money but its also the closest thing to a pro camera you can buy thats reasonable in price, cinfram by Sony is junk. they missed the boat by going interlace instead of progressive. Most HD programs you watch including all of your football games are shot in 720 p I would have looked at buying a Sony my self (I’ve owned one before) if they had not gone with and interlace format. as far as softwary goes Final Cut Pro and Avid are the two top software programs out for HD editing you cant go wrong with either one. All of this is just food for thought, Good luck on your documentary I hope it turns out well. X-D

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