I’m sorry. I must have mis


I’m sorry. I must have misstated. I LOVE Sony!!! My five camcorders are all Sony, my two editing systems are based on Sony VAIO’s, I use a consumer version of Vegas (and lust after Vegas 8.0), I compose music using Sony ACID and archive on Sony DVD’s. My home receiver & VHS VCR are both Sony’s. And I recently got a Sony MP4, web sharing camcorder/camera I just love using.

So I admit I am horribly biased towards Sony products. My first NLE was Sony Screenblast and I’ve upgraded that to Vegas Home Studio 6.0 with DVD Architect 3.0. I have no problem creating programs that blow the socks off most of my customers, of course they expect it after the first program. Vegas Home Studio runs around $70 retail and is fine for SD editing, even when I add in HDV footage to my SD programs. But I would really like to get Vegas Home Studio, Platinum Edition. They added both full HDV support and much better color correction tools. It seems to retail at around $110.

But let me be clear, I don’t think Vegas is a better NLE than the consumer versions of the other industry standard pro packages. I started using it so I wouldn’t have any compatibility issues (as unlikely as they are) between my camcorder, computer & software. An extra benefit for me was that I was already familiar with the Vegas interface since it was based on their music composition software, ACID. Which I find is mentioned routinely in artist interviews. So while Vegas isn’t in the top 3 pro NLE’s (it is 4th), ACID and the loops it uses are music industry standards.

But let me close by reiterating, I personally prefer Sony for all my electronic devices without having really tried anything else. I have worked on an ancient AVID NLE that really sucked, but it was the age of the software that was the problem. Alpha channels and video files captured on other systems were nearly impossible to use because they weren’t standardized when this version was written. (And what really annoyed me was not being able to trim video on the timeline, trimming had to be done before the clip was added. I’m sure that ain’t the case any more.) So anyway, I know Vegas Home Studio to be perfectly usable for the majority of projects solo independent producers are likely to do. And I’m sure the Platinum Edition would work even better. For me! Hard to say about you, if you are already familiar with an NLE interface you’ll likely feel more comfortable using the consumer version of that NLE.

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