I’m so sorry for wasting your


I’m so sorry for wasting your time. Like i said, my friend started this website using WordPress with no experience (to teach people the ways how you can make money online) and wanted me to collaborate, I’m good with video editing and motion graphics. Shouldn’t have wasted your time, but your views on it really gave me an idea of what i should learn and change about starting a business online,All of the advice’s were so useful and most of the stuff i learned here would surely benefit me. I’m planing to change a lot of things thanks to you guys! Thanks for taking time and telling me all this.

I know even the name of the website doesn’t match the work that i provide. I know it looks funny and we both are just putting in random stuf to start learning, I’m going to focus on a particular line of services and not collaborate with other random stuff that my friends do. After a few months, I’m going to launch another website that provides only the services. I’m also learning animation. I’ve really understood the changes i need to make thanks to you guys!

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