I’m simply trying to answe


I’m simply trying to answer dan’s question and give him a heads up on working with the equipment he has available to him. These forums are meant to help people (typically newbies) with their questions and problems, not to constantly criticize and use it as a platform to boast your own ego and express how great you are.

BTW…I CHOOSE to work on 3 different different MAC’s all running atleast 8 Gb RAM, all of which are loaded with FCPStudio, Adobe MasterCollection and all the other goodies except AVID (though I do run AVID on a PCfrom time to time when a client requests it)…Unfortunately many people that arenew to the industry don’t have a dime, nor the luxury of that CHOICE.

The fact is…you can create stunning HD projects on an emachine with a 1.8 GHz Sempron Processor running at 512 Mb RAM…..and if thats all you got, It’s a GREAT thing…


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