“I’m shooting a road trip


“I’m shooting a road trip documentary that relies heavily on dialogue/interaction between the two people in the car. “


Have you noticed that on commercial TV, live commentaters in a situation with high ambient noise backgrounds often use the almost transparent little boom mic headsetswhich are attached to an over-the-ear wire support . . . not lavs? I’m assuming that you’re shooting with one camera. These little ” headsetboom ” mics can be worn in an inconspicuous way, out of sight of the camera.

I recorded production for a ” Hollywood ” feature some time back. One of the scenes was three people in a car with the camera mounted on the hood. I used a pair of Sennheiser 416 shortshotgun mics wrapped in foam and stuffed into the dashboard air conditioning ducts ( the AC grates popped right out ) to cover the actors in the front seat; and I had a cardioid condenser wrapped in foam, taped to the back of the front seat for the actor who was in the back seat. The recorder was a Nagra which had really good adjustable ( high pass )filters which I used to reduce the road rumble significantly.

Ingenuity and a working knowledge of the available hardware go a LONG way toward good sound quality.

Rick Crampton

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