I’m resurrecting this thread


I’m resurrecting this thread because this is helpful for anyone who comes across (like I did):

There’s no need to buy any software or script to do this. Cockos Reaper is capable of auto-trimming pauses in video files, it’s dead simple (Google: Reaper auto-trim), the program imports HD MOV, MP4 and AVI files, with two clicks you can get an entire video trimmed into pieces and without pauses.

Reaper can render videos with ffmpeg (MP4, AVI, MPEG, Lossless), so you can continue editing with your favorite program.

The software is free or buy if want. I’ve used this auto-trim tool for my entire voice-over career, and never occurred to me to test it on video files, I just tried and it works!

Here’s a screenshot with everything you need:

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