I’m really sorry but that was


I'm really sorry but that was one very long survey, and I didn;t react very positively to the tracks that all seemed very basic and undeveloped. They didn't support the visuals – especially the ones where the figure walked away from the camera. So many appeared to be musically, er, undeveloped. None had anything I would describe as a melody – which are normally a series of individual notes that make up a tune. This music is just chord progressions – often quite strange ones. The choice of instrumentation are weird, quality is a bit random – as if some rather poor VSTi have been picked, and musically there is very little that follows music theory in the coinventional sense. Many are very short loops that in these short demo videos c learly repat over and over. I didn't feel the music suppoorted the images very well. Balance and blend was shaky, and many of the percussive sounds were far too loud. After spending a long time doing the survey – I rather expected the last page to say thanks for filling it in, you're now done – this one just finished. 

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