I’m quite new to the semi-pro

AvatarDariusz W.

I'm quite new to the semi-pro/professional video world. I purchased a Sony HXR-MC2500, as it fit the purposes of what it will be used for. [Weddings & "Run&Gun Documentaries"].


It has NCF Wifi, meaning my phone can be used to remotley control the camera, captures video in full HD, at 60 frames per second. It's weak audio wise, with only one 3.5mm mic input, however it has a hotshoe mount which allows for seamless integration of Sony's XLR Accesories.


As stated above, I would stay away from tape. I used to own a JVC-HD110U, and just had plenty of trouble with the tapes. It may just be one bad apple from the basket, but I found that my workflow proficency increased as soon as I switched to digital.


One thing I've learned when purchasing a camera, always look at what the competition is providing, and make sure you scout out your buyer, so that you are not tricked into a sticky situation.


Best of luck!

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