I’m probably late to this


I’m probably late to this roundup, but it seems that you do not have any sort of sync problem, you have an audio mixing problem. Pickup a Behringer 882, or Mackie 1604VLZ3, and run your two channels of audio from your video sources in here, plus a microphone or two, background CD, and any other sound devices you need, then take a TS (mono) or TRS (stereo) feed from the master mix out to your main mix on your A/V device. You can run forever that way, with nary a sync problem in sight! These devices as listed above will also let you run balanced or unbalanced..

If you’re running in the “rare air” of all digital, try the DDM4000, which includes digital effects, selectable audio channels for crossfading, EQ, and a alot of other interesting features.

Peronally, I would never run out of a cam directly into any sort of master channel, I’d take all of your needed audio signals and run to an independent mixer. If you want to record as multichannel, get out your clapper, and use a ZOOM HDCD16 out in the field, then into the DDM4000 when you get to the studio to clean up the sound before adding to the master mix.

These other folks have good valid ideas also, I just prefer having the additional headroom (extra channels, extra effects, etc) so I can adequately tweak before mixing into the REAL (main mix w/vid) stuff. It affords you the luxury of “playing around” and “trying before you buy” by giving you the extra inputs/channels to bounce your original tracks and work it before sending it up with the video.

Just my .02, and you paid too much for it..


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