I’m on the Mac, and am try


I’m on the Mac, and am trying to create AVCHD discs in Toast using .iso images from Encore. I can successfully use Toast to create an AVCHD disc that plays 1920×1080 from a standard DVD. I can also create a standard DVD .iso in Encore and burn that to a playable standard DVD using Toast. But I can’t create a “Blu-ray” .iso in Encore, and use Toast to burn that to a playable AVCHD disc.

Mike Aiken seems to be doing essentially this, albeit not with Toast. Is there some “trick” or step to it? Is the footage already AVCHD? Mine isn’t, and I’ve wondered if that’s the problem. I can kind of see why it WOULDN’T work; Encore doesn’t create a Blu-ray image to be AVCHD-compatible, so I’d think the .iso files wouldn’t translate. Yet apparently it is possible.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

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